Ethics and Deontology

Members of EIG DiaGDirect adopt their Ethics and Professional Conduct Charter.

This charter consolidates the strong relationships built up over many years between the members of EIG DiaGDirect in respect of fundamental conduct, French and European laws and regulations in all areas and particularly in the fields of business law, labour law, competition and environment law.

This ethics and professional conduct charter is a binding commitment for all the members of EIG DiaGDirect, both among themselves and with regard to clients, patients and third parties.

It serves as a reminder to each member of the importance of complying with the rules of honour and probity relating to the EIG’s activity, in particular by complying with the laws and regulations in force and, more specifically, the rules of competition law as part of the development of the EIG’s activity.

The adhesion to the EIG DiaGDirect implies its total acceptance and implementation.