We assist you in Each Step of the Dematerialisation process


Share and mutualise

The EIG DiaGDirect gives each of its members the opportunity to be federated within a network of major players in the industry of In Vitro Diagnostics and Health, sharing an E-procurement platform, its maintenance and management.

Thanks to the mutualisation of resources, the members of the EIG DiaGDirect achieve considerable savings and provide their customers with a unique solution for dematerialising orders and invoices.

A major network within the DiaGDirect community

Strong and durable partnerships forged over many years with countless public and private clients. Nearly 3,000 customers are connected to the platform.

Beyond solutions, advice and service

EIG DiaGDirect assists its members and their clients by offering a solid and long-lasting support.

Our ambition is to help companies understand the current and future evolutions of dematerialisation in compliance with business rules, as well as commercial, accounting and tax regulations!