EIG DiaGDirect is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of executives selected among the associate member suppliers. The directors are appointed by the General Assembly.

Collective decisions are decided at general meetings of the associate members of the Grouping. The Assembly, chaired by the President of the Executive Board, holds a meeting at least once a year to deliberate on the Grouping’s activity, financial situation and future perspectives. It establishes the method for calculating annual contributions and votes the annual budget.

The Executive Board is seconded by a team of management controllers, a technical advisor and a permanent operations manager who leads, animates and coordinates all of EIG DiaGDirect’s activities.

A committed team working towards a common project, customer satisfaction through dematerialisation!

The EIG DiaGDirect’s activity is governed by two documents, which can be consulted by clicking on the links below:

Ethics and Professionnal Conduct Charter

Composition of the Executive Board

Pierrick Ollivier President
LABELIANS Jocelyn De Giovanni
Jocelyn De Giovanni Treasurer
Antoine Bloch
Antoine Bloch Development Manager
Anne-Laure Dancre
Anne-Laure Dancre Communication Manager
Anais Titren Process Manager

Management Control

Irma Forest
Irma Forest Management Controller
Jean-Baptiste Coulaud
Jean-Baptiste Coulaud Management Controller


Sylvain Piesset
Sylvain Piesset Technical advisor


Aurélia Delaine
Aurélia Delaine Director of Operations