What is DiaGDirect?

DiaGDirect is a platform for online ordering and invoicing. It is a unique interface that brings together major players of the in vitro diagnostics and health industry.

How do I register on DiaGDirect?

User-friendly registration:Registering on DiaGDirect is very simple and takes only a few minutes. You just have to access the www.DiaGDirect.com interface and connect using the following login and password: Login : Diag Password : sfrlAll you need to do is fill in the company fields and choose from the list of in vitro diagnostics players the different suppliers you are used to interact with. The supplier validates the registration and you will receive a confirmation within 72 hours. From then on you will be able to place your orders via DiaGDirect. (See registration procedure).

How much is this going to cost me?

Free of charge :A simple internet connection is all you need to place an order and receive your invoices via DiaGDirect. The suppliers who are members of the EIG have covered the cost of the system’s development and ensure the operating costs. There are no additional costs. The development of specific services such as the integration of EDI metadata files are subject to conditions. Please contact us for more information. I use an inventory management software package to place my orders, can I use DiaGDirect?Of course, many stock management softwares are interfaced with the DiaGDirect platform, such as Armure or Kalilab. The replenishment request is proposed by the software, then validated and transmitted to DiaGDirect.

What are the benefits of using DiaGDirect?

Main information visualisation :

DiaGDirect offers a very clear interface in terms of invoices and orders tracking. In fact, you can see the different characteristics of your order and invoice at the same place and in a few clicks. You will be able to consult the information regarding the ordering customer, the delivery location and the place of invoicing as well as the batch number, the expiry date and the delivery note. (When the order status is set on “sent”). Besides, if you go through a stock software, these three elements will be automatically transferred to you via an EDI flow. All this displayed information on the same page allows a quick verification which considerably limits the risk of errors. This approach is motivated by a concern for the security and reliability of the service offered to you.  

Total amount of the order visualisation :

The total amount is displayed directly after entering the entire purchase order, enabling you to check the assigned budget on your order.  

Possibility of creating sample orders :

You have the possibility to create sample orders, which can save time when placing recurring orders.  

Fast delivery :

If you place your orders before 12:00 pm, we guarantee next-day delivery to your premises. A 48 hours period will be necessary after 12 pm.  

Payment conditions visualisation :

For the purposes of transparency, the conditions related to pricing and payment are directly accessible on the portal, thereby reducing the risk of disputes.  

Real-time tracking:

By placing your order through DiaGDirect, you can follow the progress of your dossier in real time. Availability of the dispatch date and the different statuses of your order: pending delivery, pending validation, sent, delivered or partially delivered. These different statuses will allow you to know exactly the status of your order.

How am I notified that my order has been received by my supplier?

You will receive a confirmation email informing you that your order will be taken care of. You can also check the status of your order; the status “Pending validation” means that we have successfully received your order.

How am I notified in case of the unavailability of my products?

You will receive a “rupture info” fax or an email indicating that your reference is awaiting restocking.