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Since 2014, the DiaGDirect.com platform offers its customers the opportunity to transition to the dematerialisation of invoices.

Vincent Lehmann, General Director of LBI tells us 5 years later….


Why did you decide to automate your invoice processing?

Our choice to dematerialise supplier invoices is mainly linked to a desire of optimising invoice flows. Electronic invoicing allows fast, simple and efficient management. We have gained in productivity.

Is dematerialisation a strategic goal for LBI?

E-invoicing has given us the means to automate the entire invoicing process and integrate customers and suppliers into a transparent end-to-end electronic process.

During the implementation of the dematerialisation initiative, what were the priority areas? Supplier relationship/Service/Customer relationship/Internal process

The organisation of internal processes has been our priority area, contributing to the strengthening of service quality in customer/supplier relations.

Did you encounter any obstacles during the implementation?

Supporting change has been the main challenge. In fact, the implementation of a dematerialisation project has a strong impact on the operational teams involved in the supplier process, as they have to familiarise themselves with a new tool, adopt new operating methods, occasionally changing interlocutors and reviewing their most ingrained work habits.

In your organisation, where do resources with dematerialisation expertise lie?

The main resources are in the IT department.

Why did you choose the DiaGDirect solution?

DiaGDirect is a guarantee of reliability and strength thanks to the mutualisation of resources alongside suppliers. A unique platform for 26 companies allows to standardise and therefore harmonise exchanges, facilitate technical evolutions and perpetuate a solution.

What are the benefits associated with using the DiaGDirect solution?

We have absorbed more than 25% of the increase in turnover with a stable workforce since 2014.

What are the expected areas of improvement for LBI?

A centralised management of registrations would allow us to manage 1 catalogue for all LBI members, which would facilitate the administration of the tool, the monitoring and the tracking of orders.

Have you estimated the number of invoices processed by FTE before and after the implementation?

We’ve experienced a 30% productivity increase per FTE; we used to have 3 people on data entry before, now we have only 2. As a result, resources have been redirected to higher value-added tasks.

If you had to describe DiaGDirect in one word?