Welcome to the Economic Interest Group DiaGDirect website !

The EIG brings together voluntary and committed companies around a common project, Dematerialisation !

A genuine partnership at the service of evolution and common valuess :

  • Simplify, ensure reliability, improve competitiveness and productivity
  • Transparency, ethics
  • Respect of the commitments and the competition

DiaGDirect is nowadays the only mutualised platform for the dematerialisation of orders and invoices in Europe centred around partner and competitor companiest.

This alliance was formed in the 2000s as a result of a reflection within the SIDIV (In Vitro Diagnostics Industry Syndicate). In Vitro Diagnostics manufacturing companies have jointly developed this tool to provide their customers (medical biology and industrial laboratories) with a turnkey solution for the total dematerialisation of the ordering and invoicing process for private and public clients.

Considering the significant costs involved in setting up an e-procurement platform, the EIG allows companies to make considerable savings through the mutualisation of development, maintenance and management costs.

The management, monitoring and evolution of the dematerialisation platform must be controlled and secured. This requires a variety of skills that must be constantly renewed in order to guarantee a quality, efficient and permanent service.

Our commitment is to support you in overcoming all the challenges you may face regarding the generalisation of dematerialisation. And they are more numerous and strategic than ever.


Pierrick Ollivier
Président du GIE DiaGDirect